Support Pro-Environment Candidates

Pro-conservation candidates need your help beyond your vote on election day. You can help candidates reach voters and win their races in a number of important ways. These include simple things such as placing a yard sign on your property or putting a bumper sticker on your car. This also includes larger activities such as holding a town hall meeting on an important environmental issue at a local venue and inviting candidates to attend, or hosting a fundraiser at your home for a candidate. Campaigns are always looking for volunteers and even an hour or two of your time in a given week is of tremendous value to candidates. By volunteering with a campaign you can help pro-conservation candidates get their message out by phone banking, block walking, attending events, or raising money.

You can find a list of TLCV endorsed candidates here.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee wants your financial support so that we can help elect pro-conservation candidates across the state.

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