The 2015 Legislative Scorecard

The pro-conservation votes are marked as positive (+) and anti-conservation votes are marked as negative (-). Absences are marked with an (A) and are counted negatively because it has the same effect as a “no” vote. Excused Absences (EA), Present Not Voting (PNV) and members not voting while serving as Chair are not counted as negative votes.

Our scorecard provides objective, factual information about conservation voting records and helps hold the Texas Legislature accountable.

During the Legislative Session, the Texas League of Conservation Voters is at the capitol advancing the conservation agenda on behalf of Texas Voters. The TLCV scorecard covers a range of votes and issues, including: water, global warming, environmental regulation, clean energy, clean air, good government, oil and gas regulation, and energy efficiency.  Each vote scored presented a clear choice for our elected officials to uphold the conservation values that millions of Texans share.

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