Our Issues

TLCV stands before the legislature and advocates for clean air, clean water, clean energy, access to parks, beaches and open space, and wildlife habitat.

We aggressively lobby the Texas legislature on the most important conservation bills and speak on behalf of Texans concerned about protecting our environment. Through our endorsements and campaign work, TLCV builds deep, long-term relationships on behalf of the conservation community. Relationships like these are key to getting our issues addressed, and legislation passed.

TLCV’s work spans the great state of Texas.  We have worked on issues including improving air quality in Houston and the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex; protecting the forests, lakes, and rivers of East Texas; conserving water and sustainable growth in Austin and the Hill Country; preserving grassland in the Texas panhandle; protecting the beaches of Corpus Christi and the Gulf Coast; closing the Asarco plant and expanding parkland in El Paso and West Texas; sensible power solutions for San Antonio; and reducing industrial pollution in The Valley.