Our History, Purpose, & Function

The Texas League of Conservation Voters works to preserve and enhance the quality of life of Texans by making conservation a top priority with Texas elected officials, political candidates and voters. When we succeed, all conservation groups and issues benefit.

WE ELECT CHAMPIONS. With money and other resources, we help elect candidates to the Texas Legislature who will fight for clean air, clean water, and access to public lands, water, fish and wildlife. TLCV conducts rigorous candidate research and we concentrate on the races we can impact. We educate candidates on how to use pro-conservation positions to win votes. We put money into hard-hitting, independent media campaigns contrasting the candidates’ positions on the issues – making sure that an effective message reaches voters.

. At the end of each legislative session we publish and distribute our Legislative Scorecard. We rate the performance of each individual legislator on key environmental legislation and describe the key conservation issues. We then distribute our scorecard to the public.

WE FACILITATE A COMMON LEGISLATIVE AGENDA. TLCV works with the Alliance for a Clean Texas to establish environmental legislative priorities for the state legislature. During session, we communicate with elected officials and voters to advocate for the passage of these legislative priorities.