TLCV 85th Legislative Session Bill Priorities

March 16th, 2017

Texas League of Conservation Voters 85th Legislative Session Bill Priorities


HB 2395 Nicole Collier

School Drinking Water

This bill is relating to testing for lead contamination in public school and charter school drinking water. This is a top priority for the Texas League of Conservation Voters.

HB 78 Ryan Guillen

Parks Funding

This bill relates to credits to certain accounts of the Parks and Wildlife Department resulting from the allocation of the proceeds from taxes imposed on the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods. Last session we almost got this taken care of and this session we will! This bill is also supported by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

SB 965 Judith Zaffirini

San Marcos Park and Recreation District

Relating to the creation and operation of a park and recreation district in counties that share a border on the San Marcos River and to the authority of the district to collect fees and issue bonds

HB 489 Mary Gonzalez

Tire Dumping

This bill is related to the creation of a waste tire dumping enforcement grant program for the state of Texas. This program will be funded through a fee on the seller of each new or used tire.

HB 51 Ryan Guillen

Commercial Oyster Boats

This bill is relating to the management of commercial oyster boats in this state. This is a bill also supported by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 1927 Eddie Rodriguez

Toxic Air Alerts

This bill is relating to an alert system for notification of the release of toxic chemicals by a manufacturing facility. It would basically create alerts using the current amber alert system on during the release of chemicals into the air.

HB 2799 Jessica Farrar

Online Permits

This bill is relating to a requirement to make certain environmental and water use permit applications available online.

SB 746 Lois Kolkhorst

Sludge Disposal

This bill is relating to a prohibition of the land application of grit or grease trap waste. Texas Campaign for the Environment has worked hard on this issue and we are supporting their work.

HB 143 Celia Israel

Online Voter Registration

This bill relates to allowing online voter registration in Texas. This bill states that the Secretary of State will implement a program that makes it possible for a person to complete a voter registration application over the internet.

HJR 118 Victoria Neave


Proposing a constitutional amendment establishing the Texas Redistricting Commission to redistrict the Texas Legislature and Texas congressional districts and revising procedures for redistricting.



SB 103 Bob Hall

Bag Ban/Local Control

This bill relates to the provision of bags to costumers of a business at the point of sale. This bill is a “bag ban” essentially prohibiting all municipalities from designing an ordinance or regulation that would impose a fee or ask that a certain kind of bag be utilized at a retail or business environment.

SB 71 Judith Zaffirini

Bed and Banks Transfer

This bill relates to the transfer of certain state real properties to the City of San Marcos. It would allow the transfer of land owned by Texas including the bed and along the banks of the San Marcos River to the City of San Marcos for development.

HB 420 James White

Evidence in Criminal Case

This bill is relating to the admissibility of certain evidence relating to climate change or global warming in certain criminal cases. Evidence relating to the defendant ’s theories, beliefs, or statements on climate change or global warming, including causes of climate change or global warming, is not admissible as proof of an element of an offense.

SB 300 Van Taylor

Railroad Commission Sunset for 12 years

This bill is an identical Railroad Commission Sunset bill that was filed by Sunset Chair Larry Gonzales that will continuing agency but the difference is this bill includes a continuation for 12 years of the Railroad Commission versus the 6 years recommended by the Sunset Review.

SB 1045 Craig Estes

Public Notice for Air Permitting

This bill is relating to the consolidation of public notice requirements for certain air quality permit applications. It cuts out the public participation and limits the rights of affected people.

SB 1628 Craig Estes

Contested Case Hearings

This bill is relating to the replacement of contested case hearings for certain environmental permits with a petition for administrative review.

HB 2533 Charlie Geren

TCEQ Civil Suits

Relating to civil suits brought by local governments or certain other persons for violations of certain laws under the jurisdiction of, or rules adopted or orders or permits issued by, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 

HB 3811 JM Lozano

Anti Citizen’s Right to Speech

This bill is relating to limit the protections of the statue only to speech in governmental settings. It will also limit the protections of any SLAPP motion.

HB 3028 Dewayne Burns

Groundwater Ownership

This bill relates to the ownership and rights of groundwater.

SB 782 Donna Campbell

Tree Ordinances-Local Control

(and companion HB 2535 Bill Zedler)

Both of these bills are relating to the ownership and local regulation of trees and timber.