Public Health and Clean Energy Under Attack in Texas

March 26th, 2015

Serious attacks on public health and clean energy are advancing at the Texas Legislature.  Chip in to TLCV to fight back today.

This week a Senate Committee sent two very dangerous bills to the Senate Floor.

First, the Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee passed SB 1165, which could undo every local oil and gas drilling ordinance in the state, including those which have been on the books for decades.  Local ordinances which deal with how far “set back” oil and gas drilling has to be from homes, schools, and churches; ordinances dealing with noise and light pollution from oil and gas drilling; and ordinances dealing with drilling in public parks could all be wiped out if they do not meet an arbitrary standard of being “commercially reasonable.”

Second, the Senate Natural Resources Committee passed SB 931, which ends the state’s highly successful renewable energy portfolio standard.  Texas has been a national leader in clean energy, but this bill would do great harm to the further build out of clean energy infrastructure, tethering us to old, dirty power producing technologies.  A similar bill which passed into law in Ohio cost that state hundreds of millions in new clean energy investment.  SB 931 similarly jeopardizes millions of investment dollars lined up for Texas.

TLCV needs your financial support to help fight this and other anti-public health and clean energy legislation.

Chip in today to help us fight at the Capitol and spread the word to Texans that these attacks on public health and clean energy must be stopped.

As always, thank you for all that you do to protect public health and the environment in Texas.


David Weinberg
Executive Director
Texas League of Conservation Voters