TLCV-PAC Endorses Wendy Davis in Texas Governor’s Race

September 29th, 2014

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Group says Texas needs a Governor who will Balance Energy Production
and Chemical Storage with Protecting Public Health and Safety
Calls Abbott’s “Drive Around” policy Misguided and a Warning Sign


AUSTIN, TX – The Texas League of Conservation Voters-Political Action Committee (TLCV-PAC), the state’s leading environmental organization dedicated to electing pro-conservation candidates today announced their support for Wendy Davis in the Texas Governor’s race.

Senator Davis has a strong environmental and public health voting record and is the author of outstanding environmental legislation, including a 2013 bill on the installation, maintenance, and operation of pipelines placed along public roadways.  She represents part of the drilling-intensive Barnett Shale region and understands balancing energy production against protecting public health and safety.  Senator Davis has a lifetime “A” grade on the Texas League of Conservation Voters legislative scorecard.

“I want to thank TLCV for their endorsement. I am grateful for the organization’s efforts to help keep our drinking water clean and our children safe in their own neighborhoods,” said candidate Davis.  “Their work is especially important given the recent ruling by Attorney General Greg Abbott that would keep the locations of dangerous, explosive chemicals secret from the public. Texans have a right to know whether their kids are going to school or their parents are in a nursing home next to toxic chemicals that could kill them.”

On the other side of the spectrum is her opponent Greg Abbott, who has been openly hostile to protecting public health.  Recently, Abbott as Attorney General opined that Texas families should drive around to find what dangerous chemicals might be located close to their homes, after ruling that government agencies need not share this information with the public.  TLCV-PAC finds this policy to be completely unworkable, and is not aware of another state in the United States which imposes this burden on families.  TLCV-PAC also finds Abbott’s position to be disingenuous as a matter of public safety, as he has not publicly endorsed any commonsense measures to make chemical storage safer following the tragic fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

“Texas needs a Governor who understands that development of Texas’s vast natural resources and upkeep of Texas’s numerous chemical storage facilities needs to be met with prudent environmental regulation and protection of Texan’s families, air and water,” said David Weinberg, Executive Director of TLCV-PAC.  “Greg Abbott’s position on dangerous chemicals is a warning sign that under an Abbott administration public health and common sense will take a back seat to protecting polluters.   That is why we give Wendy Davis our full endorsement and support and urge Texans for vote for her in early voting or on November 4th.

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