This Earth Day, Make Your Voice Heard

April 22nd, 2014

This Earth Day, I ask you to make your voice heard and support a critical new campaign TLCV is launching on preserving citizen participation in environmental permitting.

Texans use an important tool called Contested Case Hearings to challenge permit applications on a range of projects affecting our natural environment and public health.  This includes permits for industrial facilities, power plants, new reservoirs or landfills, and the disposal of fracking waste.

If industry gets its way, Texans could lose this vitally important tool for ensuring permit applications are accurate, and for fighting misguided projects that are harmful to public health and the environment.

Will you contribute $30, $60, $125 or whatever you can afford to the Texas League of Conservation Voters so that we can fight to protect Contested Case Hearings and citizen participation in environmental permitting?

The office that administers Contested Cases, the State Office of Administrative Hearings, is under legislative Sunset review in 2015.  Speaker Joe Straus has made this a top issue for review in the interim, setting the first hearing on Contested Cases for May 13.

In 2014, TLCV will be launching a state-wide campaign to educate and activate Texans to protect the Contested Case Hearing process.  We will carry this work into 2015 when the legislature convenes in Austin.

Your support will enable us to successfully reach a wide audience of Texans.  We can fight and win on this issue, but not without your help.  This Earth Day, can we count on you to help us work to protect Contested Case Hearings?

Thank you for standing with us!


David Weinberg
Executive Director