TLCV-PAC Endorses Hugh Fitzsimons for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

February 7th, 2014

Fitzsimons the clear choice for leadership in a state facing serious environmental challenges

Austin, Texas— Today the Texas League of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee (TLCV-PAC), the state’s leading environmental organization for electing pro-conservation candidates, announced their endorsement of Hugh Fitzsimons for Texas Agriculture Commissioner.

“Texas is facing dire environmental challenges, especially in the area of water.  Parts of Texas have been designated as natural disaster areas because of the drought, and areas such as the Panhandle are seeing record dry years.  Texas needs a serious candidate with a background and working knowledge of water issues to lead for Texas’s farmers, ranchers, and citizens.  That candidate is Hugh Fitzsimons,” said David Weinberg, Executive Director of TLCV-PAC.

Hugh understands that Texas faces serious challenges in managing our natural resources, like water. Texas’s future requires a sustainable path. Hugh has a progressive plan for the Texas Department of Agriculture to work for all Texans by supporting family farms, and making sure Texas families have the choice of affordable, locally-sourced food that is sustainable to our environment.

“I greatly respect the conservation work of the TLCV and I am honored to have their support,” said Fitzsimons. “We have been operating in a reduced rainfall environment in Texas for some time now. Droughts and their impact on the citizens of Texas need to be dealt with head-on. A balance in water consumption has to be achieved between agriculture, municipalities, and industry if we are to allow the next generation of Texans to thrive.”

Born in San Antonio in 1954, Hugh A. Fitzsimons III grew up tending cattle on the same family land on which he operates a grass-fed bison ranch today.  His organic Thunder Heart bison meat and wild honey is sold in restaurants, stores and farmers markets across Texas.  Deeply impacted by the worst drought in Texas history, Hugh has become a leader and outspoken advocate for public policy around climate change and water conservation, including as an elected member of the Wintergarden Groundwater Conservation District. He believes that the land, water, and air connect us all and that what we do to them is what we do to ourselves.


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