The Time Is Now: Become a Sustaining Donor to TLCV

July 1st, 2012

With the crippling wildfires and drought of 2011 fresh on Texans minds, the country is now experiencing a rash of extreme weather.

Temperature records are being shattered across the Great Plains and eastern United States.  Wildfires rage in Colorado.  Monster storms have knocked out power to millions.

The time for our elected officials to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the dangers of global warming are over.  The time for our state lawmakers to work to preserve and protect the environment is now.

For Texans who rely on precious surface and groundwater for drinking, who live along the Gulf Coast, who are farmers and ranchers, and who cherish our land, wildlife, and parks, we cannot afford to have politicians turn a blind eye to the hazards of a changing climate.

At the Texas League of Conservation Voters, we work to make conservation a top priority Texas elected officials, political candidates and voters. When we succeed, all conservation groups and issues benefit.

We elect champions.  With money and other resources, we help elect candidates to the Texas Legislature who will fight for clean air, clean water, and access to public lands, water, fish and wildlife.

We hold elected official accountable.  At the end of each legislative session we publish and distribute our Legislative Scorecard which rates the performance of each individual legislator on key environmental legislation.

We work toward a common legislative agenda.   TLCV works with environmental and conservation groups across the state to establish legislative priorities for the state legislature and communicates with elected officials and voters to advocate for the passage of these legislative priorities.

But we need your help.  For the Texas League of Conservation Voters to succeed in making the environment a top priority with elected officials we need financial support from Texans like you.  That is why I am asking you to become a sustaining monthly donor to TLCV today.  Your monthly contribution of $10, $25, or $50 will immediately go to work to protect Texas’s air, land and water for future generations.  Will you help us make Texas greener by becoming a sustaining donor today?

Too many legislators remain beholden to polluters who put their own short-term self-interest ahead of a healthy environment and our children’s future.  Your commitment to TLCV is invaluable as we fight to make conservation a top priority with voters, candidates and elected officials.

Thank you for helping ensure that the voice for conservation in Texas is heard.  


David Weinberg
Executive Director