Governor Rick Perry’s Disbelief in Global Warming Is Irresponsible, Ill-Informed

August 17th, 2011

Leading State Environmental Group Blasts GOP Presidential Contender’s Remarks

AUSTIN, TX—The following statement should be attributed to David Weinberg, Executive Director of the Texas League of Conservation Voters. Mr. Weinberg is responding to comments made today by Texas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry (R-Texas) on global warming:

“As Texas experiences one of the most terrible droughts in the state’s history, Gov. Perry’s comments regarding global warming are irresponsible since global warming only exacerbates droughts.

“The Lone Star State releases more heat-trapping carbon dioxide pollution – the primary greenhouse gas – than any other state in the union, but perhaps the significant political contributions Gov. Perry has taken from the fossil fuel industry has clouded not only our air but also his vision and understanding of sound science.

“The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community, as well as many in Gov. Perry’s own party, is that global warming is very real and poses a serious threat to our long-term health and prosperity.”

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