Lt. Governor’s Proposals Signal Some Hope For Cleaner Energy, Air

January 18th, 2011

Leading state environmental group pledges to watch developments closely

AUSTIN, TX–The following statement Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s recently announced interest in pursuing incentives for natural gas production and retirement of coal-fired power plants in Texas should be attributed to David Weinberg, Executive Director of the Texas League of Conservation Voters.

“It’s welcome news to hear a Texas leader – the second highest ranking statewide official and a Republican, no less – signal it’s time to move away from dirty coal-fired generating power plants in favor of cleaner, domestic energy sources.

“Texas energy shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it’s what’s best for all Texans. We’re anxious to learn more about Gov. Dewhurt’s specific proposals this session, but the right path forward is one that finds ways to transition our state from old, dirty coal plants toward cleaner, greener Texas energy sources.

“TLCV and our members are unwavering in our commitment to cleaner air and to ridding the state of dirty coal plants that are negatively impacting public health.  With a focus on Texas natural gas production, we not only get a cleaner energy source, but also the state will benefit from increased revenue from natural gas severance taxes during difficult budgetary times.  In Gov. Dewhurt’s proposal, we may finally have not only hope, but also substantive action and a solid commitment, on fueling Texas with cleaner energy.”

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