Legislative Session Update

January 11th, 2011

Dear TLCV Supporter:

The 2011 Legislative Session has begun.  This session will be particularly challenging.  The state is facing a budget deficit estimated to be as high as $27 billion.  Significant cuts to state agencies like the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department pose a serious threat to public parks and wildlife habitat.  The State will also be conducting a Sunset review of its major environmental agencies, including the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality.  This presents a once-in-a-decade opportunity to improve how state environmental agencies deal with polluters and the public.  Fighting to protect parks and wildlife funding and improving how our state environmental agencies operate will be two of TLCV’s top priorities in the 2011 Session.  We will also continue to advocate for building green jobs and the clean energy economy in Texas.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters will be a leader at the Legislature in support of pro-environment policies.  We will continue to hold politicians accountable.  And, we will work tirelessly to deflect threats to the progress we have made with existing policies that safeguard our critical resources and natural world for us and for generations to come.
As part of our strategic campaign we will:

Broaden support for a pro-environment agenda and mobilize supporters.

  • Mobilize environmentally concerned Texans to contact their elected officials prior to key votes, letting them know that clean water, clean air, wildlife and open spaces are a priority to their constituents.  We also utilize online organizing tactics, including various social media tools, to recruit and engage a new generation of environmental advocates.

Lead and engage pro-environment allies across the state.

  • Help lead and organize the Alliance for a Clean Texas to engage environmental and conservation groups from across the state to work collaboratively toward common goals at the Legislature.

Hold elected officials accountable for their environmental votes.

  • Publish the 2011 Texas Environmental Scorecard, our longstanding yardstick for measuring Texas political leaders’ environmental records and holding them accountable for the votes they cast during each legislative session.  When it’s time for Texans to return to the polls in 2012, we will make sure they know which candidates share their environmental values.

We know our efforts will be met with fierce opposition and the deep coffers of some of the state’s worst polluters. I hope you will consider financially supporting the Texas League of Conservation Voters in 2011. Please help us ensure that our elected officials are held accountable for their actions on environmental policy.  We have our work cut out for us, and we depend upon your support for our successes.  Once again, thank you for making our efforts possible.



David Weinberg
Executive Director