Early Voting Beings Today: Please Vote, Volunteer, Contribute.

October 18th, 2010

Dear TLCV Supporter:

It’s that time.  Early voting starts in Texas TODAY.  Please take the time to vote for pro-conservation candidates.  But voting isn’t enough.  Remind family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to vote.   Take some time to volunteer with a campaign.  Candidates also need money to get their message out, so we encourage you to contribute to campaigns as well.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters Political Action Committee endorses candidates for state office who stand for clean air and water, renewable energy, and parks and open spaces.  A list of 2010 TLCV-PAC endorsed candidates and links to their websites can be found here.  To find out who represents you, click here.

TLCV-PAC’s top priority for 2010 lies in the Texas Governor’s race.  Simply put, Rick Perry has been and continues to be a failure and an embarrassment for environmental policy in Texas.  From pushing fleets of new coal plants, to vetoing a television-recycling bill passed overwhelmingly by his own party, to calling the BP oil spill an “Act of God” Rick Perry earned a top spot in LCV’s first-ever state “Dirty Dozen” list of candidates.

On the contrary, candidate Bill White’s experience as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy and Mayor of Houston, where he championed energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean air, and got results, make him a light-years better choice for Governor of Texas.
TLCV-PAC very enthusiastically endorses Bill White for new environmental leadership for Texas.

Thank you for voting early.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance voting.


David Weinberg
Executive Director