Stand Up for Texas!

October 7th, 2009

As TLCV gears up for the 2010 elections, nothing is more important than encouraging Texans to join us in our fight for clean air, clean water and open spaces. And TLCV is honored to count Houston Mayor Bill White among our strongest supporters.

Recently, Mayor White wrote a letter explaining his support for TLCV. We’ve sent it to thousands of conservation supporters around the state, so they can learn more about the work TLCV does and join us as we stand up for Texas–this fall as we conduct our membership campaign and next year at the ballot box.

Dear Proud Texan,
Aren’t you tired of hearing that it takes “political courage” for some elected officials to stick up for protecting our natural resources against those who seek to damage them forever for private gain?

Doing the right thing only takes “courage” when Texas voters don’t know what happens behind closed doors … and don’t have a means to support those who do choose to protect future generations and hold accountable those who don’t.

Fortunately, the Texas League of Conservation Voters gives us an effective, non- partisan tool to be good stewards of our natural resources – and fight those who mess with Texas for short-term private gain.

And I know what it’s like to both fight and prevail. As mayor, I’ve led Houston as we’ve led the nation in job growth and cracked down on polluters who put cancer- causing chemicals in the air. We’ve expanded park space – we now have more than any other big American city – and we established tough, strong and practical new energy efficiency codes for new buildings, reducing the need for new power plants and saving money.

We succeeded in these fights because an informed public stood with us!

The Texas League of Conservation Voters needs your help to push for progress statewide. Sign up today at or fill out and return the enclosed form.

The League stood up for Houston’s legal powers to fight toxic air pollution, and other Texans need TLCV’s help. If people like us don’t protect our state’s future, who will make sure our grandchildren can see the stars from the Lone Star State?

With respect for Texas,
Mayor Bill White

P.S.- As a sustaining member, you can help shape TLCV’s priorities by answering the questionnaire on our website. We need your input – and your support! There’s only one Texas…and it’s worth protecting!

Thanks to Mayor White for his support.