Beach Erosion Funding Eroding

April 29th, 2009

Our friends at Environment Texas have startling news. A deal to create funding to maintain our Texas parks and beaches has fallen apart because of the Texas Oil and Gas Association.

Rep. Allan Ritter proposed legislation that would have called for a modest increase on the fees on oil loaded or unloaded inside Texas ports by a mere $0.0066. While the fee is a near inconsequential amount for companies that are seeing ever increasing profits, the small increase would have funded beach erosion programs and indirectly funded efforts to protect our state’s natural heritage and preserve state parks.

According to Environment Texas, a parliamentary trick was used by TexOGA ally Rep. Warren Chisum, which forced Rep. Ritter to pull down his bill. So once again Texas beaches may suffer because of the Oil Lobby..

Now, it’s up to the members of the budget conference committee (Senators Steve Ogden, Juan Hinojosa, Tommy Williams, Florence Shapiro, Royce West and Representatives Jim Pitts, Richard Raymond, John Otto, Ruth Jones McClendon, John Zerwas) to find the funding.