Dress Up Your Car for Free

February 26th, 2009

Are you driving around with a naked bumper? Let us help fix your bumper woes.

Did you know that one bumper sticker can be seen by over 10,000 people per year? Imagine 10,000 people seeing your support for preserving our Texas heritage and environment every year. Imagine the impact your bumper can make.

To help turn this into a reality we are giving away one of two limited edition bumper stickers.

You can tell everyone your car sees that you support the Texas League of Conservation voters, and about your desire to “Hunt, Fish, Vote” or “Camp, Hike, Vote.”

All we need is your name, address and an e-mail address and the first bumper sticker is on us. Want to spread the message and give your friends and family we are asking for a small donation of $5 for 5 bumper stickers, $10 for 15, or a modest $20 for 30.

You can sign up to get your free bumper sticker here or make a small donation for a bulk purchase.

Make your car green by adding one of our original bumper stickers today.

Our supplies are limited so please make a donation today and tell everyone why you are a part of the Texas League of Conservation Voter.

Are you sure one is enough? Our bumper stickers also look great on:

  • Bicycles!
  • Trucks!
  • Refrigerators!
  • Store windows!
  • Bulletin boards!

Get your bumper sticker or stickers today!