2007 Legislative Scorecard scores of 2009 Key House Committee Members

February 12th, 2009

Just a couple of hours ago, an announcement was made about the membership and leadership of Committees in the Texas House.

Following is a listing of committee members and their scores on the 2007 TLCV Legislative Scorecard.

Environmental Regulations Committee (Average Score: 67%*)
Chair Byron Cook 31%
Vice Chair Warren Chisum 28%
Lon Burnam 100%
Jim Dunnam 100%
Jessica Farrar 87%
Kelly Hancock 28%
Ken Legler n/a
Marc Veasey 96%
Randy Weber NA

Energy Resources Committee (Average Score 50%)
Chair – Jim Keffer 35%
Vice Chair – Myra Crownover 23%
Joe Crabb 35%
Rick Hardcastle 22%
Tom Craddick n/a (the former speaker was not a member of any committees last session)
David Farabee 52%
Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles 89%
Tara Rios Ybarra n/a (elected November 2008)
Mark Strama 93%

Natural Resources Committee (Average Score 52%)
Chair Allan Ritter 44%
Vice Chair Bill Callegari 31%
Frank Corte 36%
Tracy King 55%
Trey Martinez Fischer 92%
John Smithee 33%
Brandon Creighton 32%
Stephen Frost 72%
Jodie Laubenberg 35%
Eddie Lucio, III 92%
Doug Miller n/a (elected November 2008)

State Affairs Committee (Average Score 55%)
Chair – Burt Solomons 29%
VC – Jose Menendez 77%
Tom Craddick n/a (the former speaker was not a member of committees in the last session)
Pete Gallego 100%
Harvey Hilderbran 30%
Rene Oliveira 100%
David Swinford 31%
Sylvester Turner 59%
Byron Cook 31%
David Farabee 52%
Charlie Geren 31%
Patricia Harless 25%
Delwin Jones 52%
Eddie Lucio III 92%
Diana Maldonado n/a (elected November 2008)

Land and Resource Management Committee (Average Score 52%)
Chair Dennis Bonnen 28%
Vice Chair Jessica Farrar 87%
Rob Orr 26%
Carol Alvarado n/a
Valinda Bolton 96%
Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton 35%
Mike Homer 58%
Ken Paxton 31%
Kristi Thibaut n/a (elected November 2008)

Transportation Committee (Average Score 51%)
Chair Joe Pickett 38%
Vice Chair Larry Phillips 44%
William “Bill” Callegari 31%
Yvonna Davis 96%
Tommy Merritt 38%
Todd Smith 26%
Jim Dunnam 100%
Ryan Guillen 56%
Linda Harper Brown 30%
Ruth Jones McClendon 80%
Wayne Smith 23%

Business and Industry (Average Score 48%)
Chair Joe Deshotel 52%
Vice Chair Gary Elkins 26%
Wayne Christian 27%
Dan Gattis 43%
Sid Miller 31%
Kirk England 69%
Helen Giddings 79%
Jim Keffer 35%
Rob Orr 26%
Chente Quintanilla 80%
Sylvester Turner 59%

County Affairs Committee (Average Score 59%) NEW! Added 02-14-09
Chair Garnet Coleman 100%
Vice Chair Geanie Morrison 27%
John E. Davis 41%
Wayne Smith 23%
Leo Berman 31%
Valinda Bolton 96%
Joaquin Castro 92%
Marisa Marquez n/a
Ralph Sheffield n/a

The League will have additional commentary on committees, committee chairs and committee membership in the coming days. Keep up with the latest from the League here at

* Average scores don’t include any scores for newly elected Reps nor for former Speaker Craddick. It’s expected that new Reps could increase the average scores for their committees, and Rep. Craddick may drag them down.