Speaker Joe Straus III

January 13th, 2009

The League was at the Capitol today. I watched the House of Representatives convene, get blessed by the new Cardinal, and take the oath of office administered by Secretary of State Hope Andrade.

Then I saw members elect Rep. Joe Straus as Speaker of the House by acclamation – 150 to 0.

In his remarks, Speaker Straus touched a bit on the important work before the House this session [emphasis added]:

“We must work to provide quality education — at all levels — for our children… We must continue to improve access to healthcare; we must improve our transportation system… We must be better stewards of our natural resources and protect our environment.”

“Let us reach across the aisle, then reach across the rotunda, to build a better future for Texas.”

Thank you, Speaker Straus. The environmental and conservation communities are ready to work with you and all members of the House to advance a common sense agenda for the renewable energy programs that will strengthen Texas’ economy while protecting our important natural heritage, our air, our land and our precious water.

It’s a new day in Texas, and the Legislature is in Session. Keep a regular eye on this blog for more news and updates from the Capitol.

Next up: who’s going to chair the Environmental Regulations Committee?