National League Calls on Congress to Sieze the Moment

January 28th, 2009

As Congress prepares to debate, amend and vote on President Barack Obama’s economic recovery package, we wanted to share with you national League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski’s statement about the proposed legislation:

“Before the banks burned and before the housing crisis caught fire, it was soaring gas prices that sparked this economic wildfire. President Obama’s economic recovery package seizes the opportunity to put out today’s flames and prevent future flare-ups by putting Americans to work to end our crippling addiction to oil. Members of Congress must seize this moment to act for the benefit of this and future generations.

“President Obama and the congressional leaders who authored this package have shown tremendous foresight in coupling immediate economic stimulus with the expansion and development of clean energy technologies. It represents the beginning of a greater shift in America’s use of energy, a shift that will reap benefits for decades. The money for this package has been borrowed from future generations, so it is right and fitting that our children will benefit from the investments we make today. If we follow up on the investments made in this package, our children will face a cleaner, safer, more prosperous future.

“Every effort should be made to strengthen and to pass this bill. One amendment, offered by Representative Nadler, will significantly increase the funds available to build new mass transit systems across the country. It will reduce traffic, cut pollution, save consumers money, and reduce our need for oil. We encourage each Member of Congress to support this amendment and the final bill.”

Clean air, clean water and clean energy for Texas stand to benefit considerably through the stimulus proposals which, if passed, could result in a federal investment here in the Great State of more than 7% of the proposed $825 billion package.

NOTE: The Texas League of Conservation Voters gratefully receives support and guidance from national LCV, but TLCV and other state leagues are not affiliates, nor chapters nor branches of the national LCV; we’re independent.