House Rules: No consolidation for Environmental Regulations

January 26th, 2009

Quorum Report just sent an email saying that the Texas House has proposed rules to consider for its operations this session. Included in the rules is information about the committee structure – including names of committees, consolidation of some committees into others, and the size of each committee. QR also uploaded the text of a memo detailing the changes, here.

According to the memo, the Environmental Regulations Committee is proposed to increase in size from 7 members to 9. Notably, it wasn’t consolidated, nor were any committees consolidated into it. Most conservation bills live or die by their reception at this important House committee, chaired most recently by Rep. Dennis Bonnen.

No changes proposed to Land and Resource Management Committee. Public Health Committee and Transportation Committee each go from 7 to 9 members.

Natural Resources Committee gets a new issue to work with – “jurisdiction over the impact of electric generation on state water resources.”

Still no word on committee chairmanships and membership.