Philosophizing green: What do you think?

December 5th, 2008

Climate change is a huge issue right now. Even people who don’t believe humans are the cause admit that something is shifting. Still, the fact that there even are people who still reject the concept of human caused global warming means that it’s harder for people to figure out what they want to do about it. Most of the debates on the topic involve such polarized viewpoints that we’re still arguing so much about causes we aren’t looking at solutions.

On the other hand, many of the solutions commonly accepted revolve around reducing carbon offsets, so even talks about ways to prevent the earth from heating up too much ruffle feathers.
While I understand the sides to this debate, it does lead me to wonder…what’s the big deal? If environmentalists are wrong and using solar energy, planting more wildlife and using biofuels fail, we’ve still managed to cut down our pollution immensely. And scientists have shown there’s a connection between asthma and other health related issues and smog and chemicals.

I’ve seen a lot of arguments that going green will lose us a lot of green, especially in Texas which has a oil-based economy. Another fact that everyone concedes, however, is that the oil we have in the United States isn’t enough to fuel us for much longer. If we don’t jump on the boat early, we’ll be left in the dust when other parts of the country find ways to continue benefiting from automotive fuel and we’re still desperately looking at possibilities to reach out to other unstable countries that can give us some black gold.

To be honest, I am of the belief that going green to reduce carbon emissions is the right way to go about stopping global warming. You probably are too, if you’re reading this. But a lot of the changes we need to make to bring about a greener United States are worth doing for themselves, not just for the over-arching goal of slowing/stopping global warming. Maybe this form of argument can help get support from people who aren’t sure what causes climate change, but are tired of seeing their children hacking up a lung in the front yard after a bus drives by.

What do you think?