Ring in Conservation with Bell

November 24th, 2008

In 2006, TLCV-PAC endorsed Chris Bell for Governor of Texas. He deserved our endorsement for governor then, and he deserves our endorsement for the Texas Senate today because:

Chris Bell is committed to creating the clean air, clean energy policies that will improve air quality for our kids and create the green-collar jobs that will rebuild the Texas energy economy.

Today TLCV-PAC is working to make sure that Chris Bell can win his runoff election December 16th against Joan Huffman. He can do it – with our help. Making your gift right now to TLCV-PAC will help in two ways:

Your gift says, “Let’s elect Chris Bell to the Senate!”

Your gift says, “Let’s make sure Chris Bell knows Texans expect him to stand up for environmental values once elected.”

Now that’s a Texas two-step that can help a good conservation leader waltz into the Texas Capitol!

Please give now. And thank you.

You know we can do it, right? The League’s PAC – with generous help from lots of friends across Texas – helped re-elect pro-conservation leaders like Rep. Hubert Vo, elect pro-conservation challengers like Joe Moody, and defeat bad incumbents like Rep. Tony Goolsby. We can do it for Chris Bell, too. But only with your help.

Early voting starts in 2 weeks.