The League on the Radio: Rep. Goolsby's Record

October 30th, 2008

KERA Radio in Dallas-Fort Worth ran a story this morning following up on a report from Monday in which Rep. Tony Goolsby of Dallas stated that he’s always been in support of clean air and clean energy initiatives.

The League responded that Goolsby’s voting record doesn’t reflect much of a commitment to air quality or renewable energy. Indeed, Goolsby’s average score for the past five sessions of the Texas Legislature on the League’s scorecards is 24%. Last session, he voted with the environmental community 30% of the time, and he voted against 10 of 13 clean air/energy measures tracked by the League that session.

Thankfully, the news professionals at KERA decided it couldn’t let Rep. Goolsby’s statements remain unchallenged, and today KERA ran a new story talking about Goolsby’s record, and including quotes from the League’s director, James Canup.

To listen to and read a transcript of the radio news story, visit KERA online here.

Because Rep. Goolsby can’t be counted on to fight for better air quality in the Metroplex (despite his promises to the contrary), the League’s Political Committee has endorsed Goolsby’s opponent, Carol Kent for his seat.

Carol Kent will be a true clean air leader for District 102 and for Texas.