Teaming with Wildlife Coalition: Fund Parks and Wildlife with All of the Sporting Goods Tax

October 31st, 2008

The Teaming with Wildlife Coalition, a group of pro-conservation organizations, businesses and agencies, wants all of the tax dollars collected from Texas’ sporting goods tax to be devoted to funding state parks and the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

The Texas coalition, which includes the League and groups such as Environmental Defense Fund, Audubon Texas, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, Texas Conservation Alliance and The Nature Conservancy – Texas Chapter, has submitted a letter and testified before the Joint Committee on Use of the Sales Tax on Sporting Goods.

The sporting goods sales tax was always supposed to have funded Parks and Wildlife, but somehow only a portion of the tax revenue was ever allocated to the department, the rest remaining in the General Fund. It’s time for Texas to devote the resources needed in order for our state parks to deliver the kind of positive economic impact Texas communities need. It’s time for Parks and Wildlife to have the funds it needs to fulfill its mission. Texas is rapidly growing and losing parks and open space to development and other uses. It’s time for Parks and Wildlife to have the support it needs. Texas state parks should be a point of pride for Texans, not a point of embarassment. And Texas kids need to get outdoors and into the wild landscapes more and more often. Only by fulling funding the parks deparment with all of the sporting goods tax can this be accomplished.

The Teaming with Wildlife Coalition will be doing all we can to help assure needed funding for our precious parks and for wildlife protection.

View the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition’s letter to the Joint Committee here: