Senate Endorsements

October 2nd, 2008

Today the Texas League of Conservation Voters Political Committee endorsed three candidates for the Texas Senate.

Joe Jaworski is a great candidate who will deliver sound environmental leadership in the Senate. But just as importantly, he will replace Sen. “Toxic Mike” Jackson. Senator Jackson has been the opposite of a friend to the Texas environment during his tenure representing District 17, which stretches along the Gulf Coast in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ike. Because so many Texans have been displaced and uprooted as a result of Ike, assuring that everyone in the District has an opportunity to vote is the most important priority for electing a pro-conservation senator for District 17. Voter registration closes on Monday, October 6th, and the State of Texas has NOT decided to extend voter registration in the hurricane-impacted areas.

Mike and Ike – both are bad news for Texas.