Prestigious blog salutes our guts

October 3rd, 2008

Today Off the Kuff blog saluted our endorsements:

The newspapers (some of them, anyway) may be dragging a bit in getting their endorsements together, but the various PACs and interest groups have been busy. I get a lot of these in my Inbox, way more than I can keep track or or post about, but there’s a couple I’d like to highlight here. First up is the Texas League of Conservation Voters, which has a comprehensive list of endorsees here. It’s all Democrats, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who pays attention to how the Lege operates, but what caught my interest is the fact that it’s not just incumbents or nominees for sure-thing open seats. They’ve gone out on a limb and endorsed six challengers to sitting members – Sherrie Matula, Virginia McDavid, Kristi Thibaut, Carol Kent, John McClelland, and Chris Turner – plus five open-seat contenders who would represent a party switch if they won – Joel Redmond, Robert Miklos, Diana Maldonado, Sam Murphey, and Joe Moody. That’s putting some skin in the game, and I think it should be applauded, because it’s a real risk for them. For every one of these races where they back the wrong horse, their ability to get legislation passed (or blocked) next session diminishes by a little bit. It takes guts to advocate for change like this, and I salute them for it.

Thanks, Kuff!