Joe Moody is the Clean Air Candidate for El Paso

October 29th, 2008
Joe Moody is running a great race in El Paso for Rep. Pat Haggerty’s former seat in the Texas House. Rep. Haggerty (who stood with the League on some conservation issues, like parks funding) lost the Republican primary to a far-right challenger, Dee Margo, and that’s who Moody faces in the general election. Margo is now even losing support from his fellow party members in the city, and Moody is well placed for a win on Election Day.
Our PAC has made Joe Moody’s race one of our top priorities because Joe has the leadership and commitment to improve air quality for El Paso and Texas. Here’s one of our mailings which is hitting mailboxes in El Paso just about now.
Joe Moody is a new leader for a part of our state in dire need of fresh leadership. He understands the needs of his community. He’s ready to bring his skills to bear on all of the important issues facing El Paso, including addressing air quality while protecting jobs.