It's toxic, and it's coming from the TV!

October 31st, 2008

“Toxic Mike” TV

The message that Sen. Mike Jackson is toxic for Texas voters is catching on! Watch the TV commercial here.

For months, the League’s “Toxic Mike” site has been the go-to place for information about Sen. Jackson’s record – or lack thereof – on conservation issues like clean air and clean energy when it comes to representing the concerns of citizens in his district. Hurricane Ike also washed up information about Jackson’s insurance company campaign contributors, like the commercial points out.

Election Day is Tuesday, and times have changed. Texans need new leadership for new times. “Toxic Mike” isn’t going to build the clean energy economy for the future, and he isn’t going to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that make hurricanes more powerful and more frequent.

Joe Jaworski is endorsed by the political committee of the Texas League of Conservation Voters because he’s the clean air alternative to “Toxic Mike” Jackson. (and Friends of Joe Jaworski put out that “Toxic Mike” video).

The TV commercial and the website both show that “Toxic Mike” doesn’t seem like the right choice for clean air, clean energy – or a clean legislature.