Champion of Conservation: Rep. Stephen Frost

October 24th, 2008

Rep. Stephen Frost isn’t your typical “tree hugging” environmentalist. He’s a small town lawyer whose public service has been devoted to improving public education and children’s health care. He represents a rural area (District 1) in far Northeast Texas, a district that includes places like Texarkana, Mount Pleasant, Atlanta and, notable to eco-tourists and fishing fans, the North shore of Caddo Lake.
But if you talk to Rep. Frost today about his top priority for Texas, he’ll tell you that he’s the water guy at the Texas Legislature.
Rep. Frost is gearing up for a full-tilt opposition to the proposed Marvin Nichols reservoir. The proposed dam to create the reservoir would flood thousands of acres of land in order to supply water to a thirsty (and, we should add, not particularly conservation-minded) populace in the Dallas Metroplex.
Water is becoming an increasingly important political issue in Texas. There might not be enough of it to go around. And everybody wants some. Mushrooming metropolises like Dallas are looking to build reservoirs in East Texas to satisfy their thirst. And East Texans want to protect rivers and habitats from being dammed up. There are no easy solutions. But Rep. Frost is working on some good solutions.
His commitment to creating sound water policy in Texas is notable, and necessary. Texas needs a leader like Stephen Frost in the House to make sure that common sense solutions to big water problems are found.
That’s why the League’s Political Committee has endorsed and supported the re-election of Rep. Stephen Frost.
But don’t just take our word for it. Rep. Frost has also earned the endorsements of groups as diverse as the Texas AFLCIO and the Texas Association of Realtors.