Champion of Conservation: Joel Redmond

October 24th, 2008

Joel Redmond is a native of Pasadena, son of a popular Baptist minister and leader of his own ministry in Texas prisons and jails. He’s also a candidate for Texas House District 144 (Southeast Harris County).

The League’s Political Committee has endorsed and supported the campaign of Joel Redmond. Growing up in Pasadena, we know that Joel has seen firsthand the negative environmental impact of polluting factories and refineries. He understands that in order for Texas to continue as an economic powerhouse we have to develop the green collar jobs in renewable energy industries.
Moreover, Joel Redmond is among a slate of candidates this cycle who, when they win on Election Day, will become a part of a pro-conservation majority in the Texas House. New leadership in the Texas House means a lot of good things for Texas’ environment: new chairs of committees that address environmental issues, higher priority for environmental issues to come before the full House for a vote, etc.
That’s why the League was proud to endorse Joel Redmond for District 144.