Champion of Conservation: Carol Kent

October 23rd, 2008

Many Texas House candidates put their opinions on a small list of key issues on their campaign websites. Perhaps of necessity, these lists are short and vague. They talk about things that everyone can be for and no one can be against: happy kids, plentiful jobs, low taxes, free cupcakes.

Few candidates list any conservation issues among their issue priorities. A glowing exception is Carol Kent, running for District 102 in Richardson, Dallas County. Carol puts a top conservation issue right there on her list of priorities. Here it is:

Texas continues to have some of the dirtiest air in the nation and childhood asthma rates continue to rise. We need energy solutions that make sense for our citizens and our pocketbooks.

Here in North Texas, we struggle to meet minimum federal air quality standards. Clean air isn’t just important for our health, it’s important for business. Clean air helps our economy by allowing existing businesses to grow and new businesses to locate here. It helps our workers by keeping them healthy and attracting bright workers who want clean air for themselves and their families.

I suggest the development of public/private partnerships between our government and clean fuel producers to develop cleaner and more efficient means of energy production. The legislature should encourage the research and development in conjunction with our universities and research institutions.

These investments will make sure that Texans have a healthy environment and clean, affordable sources of energy at home for the long term. We can continue to grow and still be green.

Carol Kent has the right position on the right issue at the right time. She will be an outstanding advocate for the children of her district and for kids statewide who have a right to breathe clean air. That’s why the Texas League of Conservation Voters Political Committee endorsed and is supporting her campaign to defeat Rep. Goolsby.

But don’t just take our word for it. Carol Kent has also been endorsed by the Dallas Morning News, Texas State Teachers Association, SEIU and Annie’s List, among others.