"At this point, I'd say Dee Margo is going to win…"

October 21st, 2008

So says an expert quoted in the El Paso Times today. TLCV’s response? Not if pro-conservation voters in El Paso have anything to say about it.

The League has endorsed Joe Moody over Dee Margo to represent District 78. Joe Moody will stand up to big polluters while protecting jobs. He will fight in Austin for clean air, clean water and clean energy. He’ll do what it takes to make sure the El Paso area gets its fair shake in the battles to fund our state parks and protect open space and habitat. Joe Moody earned and deserves the pro-conservation endorsement.

This seat used to be held by Rep. Pat Haggerty. Rep. Haggerty wasn’t the worst friend of the Texas environment at the capitol (that title may be held by several others) – earning a grade of “D” on the League’s 2007 scorecard. But Dee Margo would be a step further backwards. And Joe Moody representing District 78 would be a leader all Texas could be proud of.

There are a few ways that Moody can close the gap and win this election.

  1. Hope for a big win at the top of the ticket. The nonpartisan TLCV can’t help but notice that a big win for the Obama-Biden ticket in El Paso could pull Moody into office. [TLCV has not endorsed any candidate for federal office, including president and vice president. The national League of Conservation Voters has.]
  2. Hope for crossover votes. Folks committed to McCain-Palin at the top of the ticket can still cross party lines to support other candidates – like Joe Moody – down ballot. Texans are independent and it’s likely that lots of voters will vote a split ticket.
  3. Hope for high turnout. Early voting turnout across Texas is breaking records. Extremely high turnout in the district could surprise the pundits and predictors – and put Moody in the legislature.
  4. Keep campaigning. The Moody campaign isn’t resting, and neither is TLCV. We’re still doing more to help Joe Moody get elected as the pro-conservation candidate for District 78. Your dollars and volunteer support can help.

Likewise, there are four corresponding things El Pasoans can do to help elect Joe Moody.

  1. Vote.
  2. Vote.
  3. Vote.
  4. Give and volunteer. (You can do those two whether you’re in El Paso or not.)

Here are the early voting locations in El Paso.