Million dollar lobbyists far outnumber pro-conservation lobbyists at the state capitol

September 10th, 2008

Today, Texans for Public Justice released a new report on the impact of big time lobbyists on Texas government:

Led by the old and new TXU, “Energy & Natural Resources” clients spent more on the lobby than any other industry (up to $60 million), accounting for 17 percent of Texas’ total lobby expenditures.

It’s remarkable that environmental advocates have had much of an impact at all at the Texas Legislature since we are always outspent by the other side.

At the same time, TLCV and our partners accomplish more with less than any oil, energy or polluter lobby. TLCV is a smart buy for Texans interested in turning environmental values into Texas law: we get the job done for less.

TLCV’s PAC is active right now raising funds to elect pro-conservation candidates to the Texas House and Senate. Your support gives us the resources to take on the big time polluters who are working as hard as we are (and spending more money) to get more government handouts for their industries.