Preventing Wildlife from Becoming Endangered

August 4th, 2008

The Texas Teaming with Wildlife Coalition is a group of organizations, businesses and individuals working to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered in Texas. The Coalition represents sportsmen and environmentalists, fish and wildlife managers and tourism and nature businesses who all want to advocate in support of State Wildlife Grants, the only federal program in this area in every state. According to Teaming with Wildlife, since 2001, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has received more than $24 million in State Wildlife Grants.

The Coalition also works to educate the public and officials about the importance of the State Wildlife Action Plan developed by TPWD– aiming, ultimately, for dedicated public funding for the prevention of wildlife endangerment.

Endorsements of this type are good and helpful, but it is doubtful that the Texas legislators will devote sufficient resources to the Parks and Wildlife Department, to our state parks and for the protection of wildlife until they are forced to by their constituents.

All the more reason to support pro-environmental candidates in November’s election for the Texas House and Texas Senate.