Congratulations on a Great Primary!

March 20th, 2006

Congratulations! You helped make Tuesday night’s primary elections a huge success for environmental voters. With your help, TLCV played a key role in two of the most important legislative races of the primary — two races that have the potential to change the political dynamics in both the House and Senate.

In the House
Your donations helped us produce a hardhitting mail piece on Kent Grusendorf’s dismal and dangerous environmental voting record, and send it to more than 8,000 Republican primary voters in his district. Grusendorf won’t be coming back – and it wasn’t even close. Republican primary voters sent a loud and clear message that they’re tired of the radical and extreme agenda coming out of Austin. Grusendorf was one of Craddick’s top lieutenants and his pointman on education, and many think that the days of Republicans marching in lockstep to Craddick’s radical agenda are numbered.

In the Senate
Carlos Uresti defeated incumbent Frank Madla in the Democratic primary for Senate District 19, which includes part of San Antonio and a large chunk of West Texas. TLCV was one of the few statewide PACs to endorse Uresti over the entrenched incumbent Madla. Your support enabled us to run radio ads in rural West Texas counties highlighting Madla’s attempt to disenfranchise 85,000 voters in a local water district. It takes 11 votes to block bad legislation in the Senate, and we could never trust that Madla would be one of those 11 votes. Uresti had a perfect 100% on our 2005 Legislative Scorecard, and we know that he will be a strong vote for the environment. And he knows TLCV members helped him win this tough race.

On to November
We here at TLCV are excited about the possibilities in the general election. There are several key legislative races where our issues will resonate with voters and we’ll have a real opportunity to put the pro-environment candidate over the top and in the House. We’re also going to start featuring candidate interviews and real policy discussions on our website in upcoming weeks. We’re bringing on extra staff to help step up our efforts in the campaign season, and we’re counting on your continued support to help build our grassroots strength.